The Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners


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A complete beginner’s guide to going Paleo with an Instant Pot
Adopting the Paleolithic diet doesn’t mean having to cook like you’re living in the stone age. The Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners combines the healing power of the Paleo diet with the convenience of electric pressure cooking. Discover how delicious and easy the Paleo lifestyle can be when you use an Instant Pot.
This Instant Pot cookbook for Paleo newcomers includes:
An easy-to-follow overview-Find out how to adopt a Paleo diet, and discover all of the incredible health benefits it can offer, like weight loss, mental clarity, and more.
Electric pressure cooking 101-Get a crash course on how to cook with an Instant Pot, including how to use all of its features.
Instant Pot-powered Paleo-From Creamy Butternut Soup to Seafood Gumbo and Barbacoa Beef, enjoy recipes created specifically for the Instant Pot.
Cooking Paleo dishes in the Instant Pot is easy with this simple guide and cookbook.