The Paleo Epigenetic Cook Book


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Welcome to the ultimate Paleo Recipe Book, 420 fabulous meal recommendations, 365 mouth-watering recipes, 12 weeks of life-enhancing Paleo Daily Meal Planners, 12 Categories of Recipe Plans. This is your dedicated Paleo Epigenetic Resource, specifically designed to help you to restore your body to its best possible condition. Your life is about to receive a major boost. You know that you are absolutely what you eat. Smart eating is the body’s best defence against disease. And now The 365 Paleo Epigenetic Diet Revolution Recipe Book is ready to arrive on your dining table and revolutionise your health and well being Packed full of the most delicious, nutritious and life-affirming ingredients, the all-new Recipe Book will kick-start your health programme and help you to get in the best shape ever – whilst encouraging you to really enjoy the process Who said intelligent eating was boring? The Paleo Epigentic recipes are so delicious – you’ll want to use them every day, all the time. The book is ready. It’s waiting. We live in an incredibly busy world with so many distractions screaming for our attention that it’s a miracle that we get anything done at all. And then we’re supposed to create space in an already over-crowded day to provide for the needs of our bodies. We’re expected to know somehow what’s healthy and then avoid the temptations of easy, quick, convenience foods. No wonder the world is experiencing an explosion in obesity rates. We make life much so more difficult than it needs to be. But that challenge is finally over. Help is at hand. Real help. Practical, easy, no-nonsense help that will help you take care of the essential issue of eating healthily every single day of your life. And that is how this book came into being. Beran Parry’s three decades of experience as a certified nutritionist with a background in functional medicine enabled me to identify the daily problem that so many patients experienced. They really struggled to find the time to plan meals and source the right ingredients. So she decided to take the strain out of the process and build this fabulous collection of intelligent eating recipes into easy-to-follow meal plans that would just make your life so much easier. A handy reference guide to take care of all the decision making steps of organising the best possible nutrition. Boosting your health. Turning up your happiness. Every single day. She wants you to feel better than ever. to discover the joys of living with your ideal weight, your energy and health levels to soar. She wants the process to be as easy, comfortable and delicious as possible. She wants you to enjoy the journey. The 365 Paleo Epigenetic Diet Revolution Recipe Book is your new friend and helper, your constant companion and guide on the pathway to total wellness. I offer it with love and my belief in your right and ability to live a truly wonderful life. It begins right here. The 365 Paleo Epigenetic Diet Revolution Recipe Book delivers a unique selection of delicious, healthy and life-enhancing meals and food choices. It’s a welcome breath of fresh air in the world of healthy eating, designed to bring you the tastiest recipes and the most potent life-boosting ingredients. Here are some truly tasty examples of what you will enjoy in the 365 Paleo Epigenetic Diet Revolution Recipe Book – just to whet your appetite Inflammation-free No-Grain Breakfasts Energy-charged super Eggie Meals Satisfying Main Course Chicken Dishes Health-boosting Main Course Fish Courses Power-packed Smoothies Super Healthy Desserts Appetite-taming Starters Cleansing and Body-Balancing Soups Healing and Restoring Beverages Phyto-Nutrient-Packed Salads Pure and Vibrant Veggie Meals Snacks that Love Your Body Your 365 Paleo Epigenetic Diet is the culmination of the latest research into how our bodies really function in terms of intelligent nutrition. Start reading now and start your personal health revolution