The Paleo Diet for Beginners


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Are you struggling with your weight and want to get fit and healthy? Are you looking for a diet that recommends real and nourishing food? “The Paleo Diet For Beginners: The Essentials of the Paleo Diet with a 30 Day Meal Plan and Yummy Recipes” gives you all the information you need to know about the Paleo diet and why this diet will increase your energy, boost your stamina and improve your health. Aside from providing you with knowledge about the basics of the Paleo diet, this guide offers you a meal plan to get you started on the diet and a collection of delicious meals that will fill you up and not starve you like what other diets do. Inside you’ll learn about: What is Paleo?What Types of Foods are included in a Paleo diet? Health Benefits of Paleo Why Paleo is Ideal for Weight Loss? Improved Metabolism The Science behind Paleo30 Day Meal Plan What to Expect The “Paleo Flu” Sugar Addiction 30 Day Meal Plan Recipes Breakfast Recipes Poultry Recipes Seafood Recipes Lamb Recipes Beef & Bison Recipes Pork Recipes Sides & Salads Recipes Dessert Recipes Are you ready to discover the Paleo diet and what it can do for your body? Then get a copy today and start living healthy!