The Paleo Diet For Athletes


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When The Paleo Diet was published, advocating a return to the diet of our ancestors (high protein, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables) the book received brilliant reviews from medical and nutritional communities. Jennie Brand-Mill co-author of the bestselling Glucose Revolution , called it without a doubt the most nutritious diet on the planet . Now Dr. Cordain joins with USA triathlon and cycling coach Joe Friel to adapt the Paleo diet to the needs of athletes. The authors show: why the typical athletic diet (top-heavy with grains, starches, and refined sugars) is detrimental to recovery, performance, and health; how the glycemic load and acid-base balance impedes performance; and why consumption of starches and simple sugars are only beneficial in the immediate post-exercise period. At every level of competition, The Paleo Diet for Athletes can maximize performance in a range of endurance sports.