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Plant Based Paleo Guide and Cookbook (2016)
The Guide to Being a Paleo Vegetarian
Plus 50+ Plant-based Paleo Recipes
The “New” Paleo
In the midst of a steady revolution in what is the best diet philosophies, it is difficult not to question our own eating habits.
From the blood type diet to the banana diet, the grapefruit diet to the glycemic index diet, the macrobiotic diet to the Mediterranean diet, the Southern Beach diet to the Skinny Bitch diet, how can you know which diet is really superior?
The battles, pitting food group against food group, diet against diet, are rampant, with one of the latest being the ‘primal’ paleos versus the ‘hipster’ vegetarians.
As you read through this book, you will learn that these two popular eating lifestyles, Paleo and Vegetarianism, can and should co-exist harmoniously to give a proposed better alternative than practicing paleo or vegetarianism alone.
Before we lay out our amazing plant-based paleo recipes, we will explore these two different ideologies and examine their principles, key arguments, and why the ‘plant-based paleo’ diet will give you the best of both worlds!
The book is based around the following five chapters;
Chapter 1: The Plant-Based Paleo Lifestyle 101
Chapter 2: The Benefits
Chapter 3: The Menu
Chapter 4: Nutritional Tips
Chapter 5: Plant-based Paleo Vegetarian Recipes (All with vegan substitutes)
Most importantly, this book will explain not only how you can be a plant-based paleo, but why doing so is one of the surest ways to achieve optimum health.
This book will help you see beyond the separation of these two dietary lifestyles and realize that their common ground is highly beneficial to your health.
The Plant Based Paleo Guide and Cookbook . So why not try the plant-based paleo diet today?
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