The Essential Paleo Cookbook (Full Color)


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THE PALEO DIET IS NOT EASY, AND IT OFTEN DOESN’T WORK Like millions of other people, we’ve gotten amazing results by eating a Paleo diet. But we failed many times before we were able to stick to it and before we got the results we wanted. And that’s the case for a LOT of people. There are 2 big reasons that people fail on a Paleo diet: 1. You can’t make delicious and healthy food fast enough. 2. You miss comfort foods that you used to eat. Recipes That Taste Amazing, are Easy to Prepare, and Work Every Time We created the Essential Paleo Cookbook to help anybody succeed on a Paleo diet. First of all, we’ve included only our best recipes, including Paleo versions of every popular dish, from Lasagna to Chicken Nuggets to Spaghetti to Fish Sticks. All tested and easy to make. Secondly, wherever possible, we’ve simplified the recipes to make them easier and quicker, so that you don’t need to spend unnecessary hours in the kitchen. Inside the Essential Paleo Cookbook, you’ll find the following: – 100] Recipes – All recipes labeled if friendly for Autoimmune Conditions, Diabetes, and/or Kids – No Grains, Processed Foods, Legumes, or Dairy The reason we’ve put so much effort and so many hours into this is because we’ve been there many times… At First, Long-Term Paleo Seemed Too Hard for Us We would love to be able to tell you that we started a Paleo diet, that we immediately loved it, and that we stuck with it ever since. But that’s not the case. For several years, we would stick to it for a couple months and then abandon ship. We’d go on vacation, go out with friends, or just have a stressful week, and that would trigger a month-long binge. Then, We Discovered Going Paleo can be as Easy as it is Healthy It took years of trying and failing for us to discover that two things will help you stick to a Paleo diet: – You need recipes that taste so amazing, you won’t feel like you’re missing out. – You need recipes that are fast, simple, and easy-to-make, so that you can have food ready almost immediately. Today, I can’t imagine not being Paleo. The results speak for themselves, and I enjoy it more than ever. The Essential Paleo Cookbook Makes Going Paleo Easy and Fun We created this cookbook to make daily living with the Paleo diet within reach for people like you who understand the diet in theory and need to apply it to your life, well, daily – You’ll enjoy simple and practical recipes every night of the week – The recipes are almost ridiculously simple, occasionally containing only 2-4 ingredients and often only 2-3 steps. – You’ll get 100+ recipes for every meal from breakfast to appetizers so you can answer the question, “What’s to eat?” every time – You’ll make familiar foods like pancakes, Fall-off-the-bone BBQ Ribs, and chocolate chip muffins. – You’ll enjoy the health benefits people talk about when you stick to the Paleo lifestyle Get it Now and please let us know how it changes your body and life