The Big Book of Paleo Cooking


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Everything you need to go paleo-175 delicious recipes to transform your diet
Millions of years ago, humans subsisted by hunting their food. We may not chase down woolly mammoths nowadays, but paleo eating is still vital. The Big Book of Paleo Cooking delivers 175 mouthwatering, paleo-centric recipes and 6 weeks of meal plans, providing a low-carb dietary road map that can help promote weight loss and boost energy.
The core of paleo cooking remains timeless-fresh proteins, nuts and seeds, and unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Not only will you eat healthier, but you’ll be kicking wheat and dairy, conquering food allergies, and addressing autoimmune disorders while feeling fully satisfied.
The Big Book of Paleo Cooking includes:
Plenty of options-These paleo recipes span every meal and include snacks, beverages, and sauces.
Customized control-Choose from 6 weeks worth of meal plans to address weight loss, live allergen-free, and eat autoimmune-safe.
Tasty substitutions-Discover replacement ingredients and kitchen tips to help you incorporate paleo-friendly foods.
When you’re ready to switch to a new lifestyle, this paleo cookbook will show you how.