The 90 Day Paleo Diet Revolution


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The 90 Day Paleo Diet Revolution – A guide to losing forty pounds or even more in the first 3 months. In this book I’ve brought forward something extremely powerful to help you with the virtually effortless removal of formerly hard-to-remove stubborn, bulging deposits of fat.In fact, this diet is so strong that it will, depending upon how much weight you’d like to lose, allow you to ditch up to forty pounds of flab, fat and fluids in a mere ninety days. And, as stunning as that may seem, you’ll be able to consume three fulfilling (and filling) meals each day.This food will be real and not frozen or freeze dried, or made two years previously in a plant who knows where. It will be delicious and healthy as well. This way of eating is based on the real and the factual, and not on false claims or empty promises. You won’t feel deprived either, because you’re eating regular meals packed with nutrients, and the meals are easy to prepare and completely satisfying.There’s no calorie counting, nervousness or irritability, no pills to buy and take, no stimulants or caffeine, and the diet is safe and gentle – because it’s all real food – and only real food. My recipes are easy to find and create from the Table of Contents. Flick to the recipe, shop, and then create!You can buy all of your food locally and there’ll be no need to hunt out odd types of protein or imported specialty items either. Local is way better when it comes to food and an added benefit is that all meat and fish should be sustainably raised and humanely treated.I’m a student that has specialized in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, and especially the Paleo diet lifestyle, for more than ten years. I’ve gained knowledge about how you can successfully destroy that recalcitrant fat for good! Get rid of it and shed all your unwanted and unneeded and unhealthy pounds and inches, as well as reversing years of overeating habits. It will be without the pain and effort you may have experienced before, or have thought about. This 90 Day Paleo Diet Revolution is a simple, nutritious, and uncomplicated way to lose that extra weight and flab for as long as you want. And, all you need to buy is regular, natural, organic and clean food – locally grown and raised of possible – and what could be more natural or Paleolithic than that? Pick out the first recipe from this book, head on out to the local farmer’s market or health food store, and get cooking! Oh, and don’t forget one of the delicious desserts included at the end of the book