The 5-Ingredient Paleo Cookbook


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Uncomplicate paleo with easy, everyday recipes from The 5-Ingredient Paleo Cookbook.
Paleo is all about going back to the basics?cooking for it shouldn’t complicate things. The 5-Ingredient Paleo Cookbook offers simple recipes that combine few, easy-to-find ingredients with quick prep and cook times, to make paleo meals hassle-free.
Every recipe in this paleo cookbook uses 5 affordable, everyday ingredients?all of which you can find at any grocery store?to make shopping, prepping, and cooking for meals convenient and time-efficient. With most recipes table-ready in 30-minutes or less, The 5-Ingredient Paleo Cookbook is a quick and easy solution to eat paleo even on your busiest days.
The 5-Ingredient Paleo Cookbook includes:
Paleo 101 that covers paleo guidelines, lists foods to enjoy along with foods you should avoid, pantry essentials and cooking staples, and more!
Over 100 Recipes that use 5 main ingredients (not counting basic kitchen staples such as salt, pepper, and cooking oils) to make paleo meals easy and affordable.
Quick Prep with most recipes ready in 30-minutes or less, plus labels for one-pot/pan recipes.
Eating paleo doesn’t have to set your day back 40,000 years. The 5-Ingredient Paleo Cookbook makes it easy to fit paleo into today’s fast-paced lifestyle with just a handful of ingredients and quick recipes.