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SCOFF NOSH PALEO: 151 + Delicious Paleo Recipes for Modern Day “HUNTER GATHERERS”!Delicious Recipes Wheat FREE – Gluten FREE – Sugar FREE – Legume FREE – Grain FREE & Dairy FREE.Oliver Michaels, “We can’t honestly believe after 10,000 years, our diet wouldn’t return as human nature intended…”Oliver Michael’s goes paleo, YES! The green juice diet author eats, sleeps and lives Paleo having just created his first amazingly stylish Paleo Cookbook.He describes this as the ultimate in healthy ancient food disciplines, with your modern lifestyle.His diet consists of Juicing fresh organic green veggies and fruit, to enjoying amazing healthy paleo food like Apple Streusel Muffins, Paleo Chili, Mussels in Hot pepper sauce and amazing recipes for grain free sandwich bread…There is an argument either way for all diets and healthy eating regimes. Advocates of vegan, vegetarian, raw food, south beach, paleo and many other diets all propose that their diet is superior and healthy. There is one element that stands the paleo diet apart from the others. “This is the reason why I eat and live by my paleo diet, …its simple!”We have slowly evolved over 2.6 million years of evolution, our genome and DNA have predisposed us to live and eat a certain way. Our genome, (The entirety of an organism’s hereditary information) is designed to eat this food. We can’t change this, there it is….. It’s delicious but more importantly it’s incredibly healthy.Only over the past 10,000 years and the further deterioration of GMO in our diet over the past 50 years have we seen a MAJOR decline in our health.Yes regular food is making us all ill, and in some cases killing us. Something has to change. I suffered and am sensitive to most, if not all processed foods, diary, sugar, wheat and grain. I feel pain and suffer severe inflammation in my stomach if I eat wheat, grain, dairy or anything heavily processed. I know the right thing to do. You need to decide what you want from your diet, I hope its health and wellbeing. I hope I can offer some hope, some comfort and some guidance then shine a light on what may help you remove any health concerns you have, directly caused from your diet.What People have to say about SCOFF NOSH PALEO5 star ***** A triumph, paleo explained understood and tasted!5 star ***** A beautiful book has center stage in our family kitchen.3 star *** A great example of healthy nutritional home cooking 4 star **** I’m converted, a colourful and beautiful book which was both engaging and full of delicious recipes… This book covers why we should eat paleo, the science, Paleo cooking information, the Paleo experience, how to enjoy paleo food and also includes 151+ amazing colorful, flavorful recipe ideas…..and delicious healthy snacks too!Now Scroll Up ‘Click Buy’ and grab Your copy today!