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Paleo diets hold a lot of appeal for athletes, people who want to lose weight quickly, and those who prefer to avoid processed foods in favor of eating more naturally. But with their heavy emphasis on meat,paleo cookbooks have had little to offer vegans…until now. Ellen Jaffe Jones-a certified personal trainer and running coach-speaks to audiences worldwide about how achieving fitness on a plant-based diet saves both money and lives. Together with chef and author Alan Roettinger, the case is made for going paleo while staying vegan with this collection of mouthwatering paleo recipes.Recipes feature a bounty of fresh, whole foods such as nuts and seeds, fruits,vegetables, wild-crafted greens and mushrooms, and healthy fats (as well as the occasional “cheat” of beans or grain-like seeds. Paleo Vegan features dishes like Oyster Mushroom and Baby Bok Choy Curry, Dandelion Salad with Beets, Roasted Pumpkin Dip, Sautéed Fiddlehead Ferns, and Tuscan Kale with Chili, Garlic, and Black Olives.