Paleo Stomach Shred Cookbook


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The paleo diet is a way of going back to how our ancestors ate. It is thought to improve gut health, vitamin deficiencies, inflammation problems, weight loss, and much more.The idea behind the paleo diet is one of simplicity. Our ancestors’ bodies functioned perfectly well off of what they had: plants and animals. The processed sugars and fats that are available to us now are unfamiliar to our bodies and are ruining them and hurting our metabolisms. The paleo diet advises going back to basics. You would eat meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. You would avoid the foods that your body isn’t naturally equipped to process, such as: dairy, grains, processed foods, starches and alcohol. There are numerous benefits to the paleo diet and if you try it for 30 days you can experience them for yourself!