Paleo Slow Cooking


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People who make the switch to the paleo diet are always amazed by the easy weight loss, increased energy and focus, and vibrant health they experience. But many newcomers to the paleo diet find that preparing healthy paleo meals requires tons of time and effort. Let’s face it: prepping and cooking meals from scratch, not to mention cleaning all the pots and pans afterward, can take a lot of time from your already hectic schedule. Fortunately, there’s a perfect solution to these concerns: the humble slow cooker! Using a slow cooker for your paleo cooking allows you to enjoy delicious, healthy home-cooked meals without slaving for hours in the kitchen. Imagine coming home at the end of a long day to find a beautiful, healthy, delicious paleo meal ready and waiting for you, all because a few hours earlier you threw a few ingredients in your slow cooker and flipped the switch! In Paleo Slow Cooking, you’ll learn how to make easy, inexpensive, and absolutely delicious paleo slow cooker meals, including … – Cocoa Sweet Potato Chili- Barbecue Chicken Wings- Candied Carrots- Spicy Pineapple Shredded Pork- Moroccan Meatballs- Rosemary White Wine Lamb Chops- Spiced Apple and Pear Butter … and much more. All the recipes in Paleo Slow Cooking are paleo/primal friendly, completely free from grains, gluten, soy, legumes, and refined sugars, and made with real, whole foods. Even better, they’re also easy to make, require no special equipment, and are absolutely delicious! So if you’re looking for healthy, easy to prepare paleo slow cooker meals that will impress your friends and family, save you tons of time and effort, and never fail to make your mouth water, then Paleo Slow Cooking will satisfy all your primal cravings!