Paleo Recipes


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If you lead a busy lifestyle and want quick and easy Paleo recipes, this cookbook will be just what you have been looking for The information about the Paleo diet and favorite recipe ideas are perfect for beginners. I’m passionate about eating natural foods and hope to inspire people to move away from the many processed foods that are available today. The main meals include an assortment of chicken, beef, pork and fish. There are also some favorite Paleo soups, desserts and Paleo smoothie recipes too. Paleo recipes can be quick and easy while still being delicious. As we know this is possible because there is such a variety of foods to eat on this “diet.” Paleo isn’t so much a “diet” but more a lifestyle and change in eating habits to reduce processed foods and include healthy, natural foods. Preservatives and additives can often have an adverse effect on our health, so going back to foods straight from nature can be beneficial for weight loss and general well being. Low carbohydrate, natural foods are better for all of us and quick and easy Paleo comfort foods hit the spot for nutrition too.