Paleo Nom Nom Fast 800 Cookbook


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Lose weight for good with easy Paleo fasting. If you want to make a change in your lifestyle that will improve your health and well-being, help you lose weight and reduce the risk of a range of degenerative diseases, then the Paleo Diet could be for you. If you are also interested in the practice of fasting to kick-start weight-loss or to maintain a healthy balanced weight long-term, then the Paleo Fast 800 could be a perfect fit. Our Paleo recipes are delicious, healthy, simple to make, guilt free and perfect when following a Fast 800 Diet. Traditionally the Paleo Diet does not focus on counting calories but instead on nutritious balanced meals consisting in the most part of meat, fish, nuts, vegetables and seeds. However taking these core dietary principles together with restrictive calorie counting by fasting for just 2 days a week, makes a powerful weight loss tool.