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The Paleo Diet is the new craze. What is the Paleo Diet plan? The Paleo Diet consists of eating foods in their natural (usually raw state) like the ancient caveman. The belief is that foods in their natural states (before processing) are healthier for us. The name comes from the Paleolithic age when cavemen roamed the earth. The paleo diet meal plan is only part of the theory as exercise is also a primary reason why many believe in the paleo diet for athletes. There is a popular saying amongst dieters that says “eat like a caveman and exercise like a cavemen” Eating like a caveman means raw, natural foods grown in the ground. Meats from animals that graze on grass. Exercise like a caveman is important since all day long the caveman hunted and did physical labor since there were no modern conveniences (like cars).Plaeo diet cookbooks show both raw as well as cooked meals and we are happy to provide you a sample of some of our favorite paleo recipes. We also have a great section listing the paleo diet foods that are free to eat, foods that should be eaten only occasionally and a list of foods to avoid.The Paleo Diet is a drastic change is one’s lifestyle, but is worth the change with the increase health you can expect from the diet.