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Everything old can be new again when you give the Paleo diet a try! Also known as the primal diet or caveman diet, this healthy weight loss plan has been around since Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) times, 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. This time period was when “hunter-gatherers” roamed the earth searching for food with stone clubs and other handmade tools. Popularized again in the 1970’s by gastroenterologist Dr. Walter Voegtlin, this simple diet is the type of food humans were genetically adapted to eat! By following this easy, delicious diet plan for six months, you could lose as much as 75 pounds and be well on your way to optimum health, wellness and fitness!The Paleo diet is both a low-carb diet and a gluten-free diet which avoids foods like grains, dairy products, processed foods and refined sugars. Based on low fat proteins and full of lots of fruits and vegetables, this ancient way of eating has been proven to reduce the occurrence of serious health conditions like cancer, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. It also promotes healthy weight loss.An easy to follow 14 day meal plan of Paleo diet foods is included. These Paleo diet recipes are nutritious, delicious and varied. So, you will NOT get bored with eating the same things day after day after day and eventually give up!Features of this diet book include:• A 14 day nutrition plan based on consuming foods that our Palaeolithic forefathers ate including lean meats, fish, nuts, starch-free vegetables and snacks. • Lots of interesting food choices to keep you motivated – some days you even get to eat bacon and the occasional bit of chocolate and ice cream!• Lists of processed foods, condiments and drinks you should attempt to avoid.• Tips on how to successfully incorporate exercise into your daily life.The Paleo diet will work miracles in a very short time. Proven to work with cavemen millions of years ago, it fights diseases and makes you energetic. It keeps you naturally lean, active and strong. You will find each and every bite filling and delicious. Buy this book and start eating the Paleo diet way today!