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This Paleo food shopping list gives you easy access to the Paleo diet list quickly. Standing in the shopping aisle not sure what Paleo groceries to put in your trolley can be frustrating and a time waster. This caveman diet food list will also tell you what you can and can’t eat on the Paleo diet. We’ll go through what’s allowed, what’s not allowed and what can be eaten in moderation.The list of foods is broken into sections of Paleo meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, oils, spices, herbs, pantry foods and more. We’ll also look at the foods to be avoided as you browse and shop at your local supermarket or food store.As we know living the Paleo lifestyle can be confusing at times. There are some foods excluded from the Paleo diet and these are on the shopping list also. This list should help you to choose your Paleo foods as you move around the shop and see something you like and ask…is it Paleo? This will take much of the difficulty out of the decision making for you. If you are following a recipe and need ingredients, your shopping task will be easier. People have different attitudes in a few areas, but generally this is a solid, common sense diet about healthy, natural eating rather than just calorie counting.The Palaeolithic diet, or caveman diet as it is also known is really more about a devotion to change your eating habits including good foods, that’s why the term Paleo lifestyle also comes up time and time again. With some of the controversial vegetables for example, my idea is if I can eat it raw, it’s good for my health. If it comes straight from nature and is unprocessed, without preservatives, colours or additives then it should be good too. I wash and peel all vegetables to remove any traces of chemical residue or toxins. If you can grow your own vegetables and fruits organically then that is great. Having your own meat and eggs even better!Happy shopping and I hope this Paleo list of foods you can eat and can’t eat helps you get through the checkout more quickly and home to prepare your beautifully healthy Paleo meals!