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Paleo Diet is becoming one of the most popular diets crazes. Paleo Diet plans are readily available from many different sources, but our unique Interactive Games quiz book makes learning about the paleo diet fun.It doesn’t matter if you want to learn about the paleo diet for athletes or just about paleo diet foods since our fun facts book gives you a variety of trivia and information about the diet.The paleo diet cookbook has become popular with the readers, but the most common question is still “What is the paleo diet?” and our book answers those questions for you. We go over fun facts, paleo diet foods and general information.Planning a paleo diet meal plan can get confusing, but our quiz book helps you identify the type of foods allowed and the types of foods not allowed on the diet.Paleo Diet books are usually boring, but not ours! If you are a interested in starting the paleo diet, or just want to learn about the craze, then please test your knowledge with our quiz book.