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PALEO CROCK POT recipes will provide you with delicious cooking solutions every single day. Prepare To Your Family Delicious And Healthy Home Cooked Meals Every Day Of The WeekFamily Recipes- The recipes have not come from famous chefs but from home cooks. Paleo Diet is simply a unique diet to which human species is adapted to genetically. This dieting program wasn’t developed by faddists, nutritionists or diet specialists, but it’s attributed to the wisdom of Mother Nature while working through natural selection and evolution. The diet is based on a wide scale scientific research through the different food quantities and types that were eaten by the ancestral hunters and gatherers. Paleo Diet is mainly based on unlimited fresh fruit and vegetable consumption, as well as meat and seafood.Novice Book- Every single step that you need to take to prepare each of the meal in this book is very easily explained. Only use the ingredients that you already have- You can choose a recipe that suits your taste buds or of those whom you want to please. TIPS- You will also find many useful TIPS throughout this cookbook. Less Cook and More Talk- Amazing Recipies……. Paleo BBQ Brisket RecipePaleo Ropa Vieja RecipeGreen Chile Shredded Beef Cabbage Bowl With Avocado SalsaCorned Beef Brisket And Roasted CabbageCrockpot Apple Pork TenderloinSlow Cooker Squeaky Clean Boeuf BourgignonPaleo crockpot shredded beefHickory Smoked Beef BrisketBeef with Root Veggies and KalePaleo Herb Braised Short RibCrock-Pot RoastCoffee Braised Chile BeefSlow Cooker Beef & Butternut Squash StewThai Beef StewBeef Stew with Cranberries and RosemaryMoroccan Lamb StewChocolate Chicken MolePaleo Jerk Chicken:Homemade Thai Chicken BrothSlow Cooker Bacon & ChickenLemon & Artichoke Slow Cooker ChickenChicken Tikka Masala PizzaBrazilian Curry ChickenPaleo Chicken MusakhanSlow Cooker Chicken Yellow Curry SoupSlow Cooker Balsamic Chicken & SausagePaleo Savory Cinnamon Slow Cooker ChickenGreek Stuffed Chicken Breasts in the CrockpotSlow Cooker Kimchi ChickenPaleo Chicken Creole RecipeSpice Pork RibsPork Stew with Oyster MushroomsPulled Pork – Low Carb and Gluten FreeSlow Cooker Chinese Spare RibsBalsamic pulled pork with polenta and avocado cremaSlow Cooker Pork ShanksPulled Pork ChiliSlow Cooker Pork PibilSlow Cooker Pork Spare RibsCrock Pot CarnitasEasy Shredded Pork over Caramelized PlantainsAnd More…… Prepare To Your Family Delicious And Healthy Home Cooked Meals Every Night Of The WeekAll recipes are:• Gluten-free• Grain-free• Dairy-free• Peanut-free• Void of processed sugarsHeritage of Food: A Family GatheringFood has turned into a symbol of loving, nurturing and sharing with one another. Recording, collecting, sharing and remembering the recipes that have been passed to you by your family is a great way to immortalize and honor your family. It is these traditions that carve out your individual personality. You will not just be honoring your family tradition by cooking these recipes but they will also inspire you to create your own variations which you can then pass on to your children’s. The recipes are just passed on by everyone and nobody actually possesses them. I too love sharing recipes. The collection is vibrant and rich as a number of home cooks have offered their inputs to ensure that all of us can cook delicious meals at our home. I am thankful to each one of you who has contributed to this book and has allowed their traditions to pass on and grow with others. You guys are really wonderful!I am also thankful to the cooks who have evaluated all these recipes. You’re, as well as, the comments that came from your family members and friends were really invaluableEnjoy!