Paleo All In One For Dummies


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Offers an overview of living the primal life to lose weight, improve athletic performance, get fit, and stay healthy. This book offers tips that change your diet to include healthy, natural foods, then jump into the companion workout videos to master the Paleo moves and techniques.
Living Paleo For Dummies
Paleo Cookbook For Dummies
Paleo Workouts For Dummies
Paleo Desserts For Dummies
Get healthy and fit the Paleo way
If the Paleo lifestyle piques your interest, this all-encompassing guide is your powerhouse resource for embracing the primal life to lose weight, improve athletic performance, and eat a healthier diet. Plus, online companion workout videos show you how to master the Paleo moves presented in the book. Whether you-re looking for information on healthy living, delicious recipes, or answers to your questions about how a Paleo lifestyle can benefit you, your family, and your friends, Paleo All-In-One For Dummies is the resource you’ll reach for again and again.
Take a cue from our ancestors – discover how we were designed to live, glimpse the science behind the Paleo lifestyle, and find out how prehistoric practices can cure modern ailments
Feed your inner caveman – get familiar with the “yes” and “no” foods of the Paleo diet, make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need, and track progress with health markers
Workouts for primal perfection – find caveman-approved exercises using pushes and pulls, hinges and squats, and heavy carrying
The meat (and more) of the matter – make Paleo-friendly recipes for every meal of the day, from mouth-watering mains to nutrition-packed sides, soups, and salads
Don’t forget the cave kids – keep your little ones happy and healthy with recipes for packing yummy, kid-friendly Paleo lunches
Open the book and find:
Why the Paleo lifestyle works
Tips on stocking your kitchen
Advice for making the transition to a Paleo lifestyle
Paleo-friendly exercises to tone your body
Ways to spice up Paleo cooking with sauces, dressings, and salsas
Recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth
Delicious veggie dishes
21-day and 90-day fitness routines
Pointers on avoiding potential pitfalls