Clean Paleo Real Life


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Make your Paleo lifestyle complication-proof with easy meals, one-pot suppers, wraps, mains, apps, desserts, and more made with whole, clean foods. Love your whole food Paleo elimination diet but don’t want to spend your life in the kitchen? Forget hours of planning, prepping, shopping, and cooking-while that may be sustainable for 30 days, it isn’t for real life. Written by beloved The Movement Menu creator, Monica Stevens Le, Clean Paleo Real Life shows you how to put together a tasty Clean Paleo meal fast. No pressure. No anxiety. Just delicious whole-food meals sans gluten, grains, dairy, and refined sugar. A limited number of recipes in the book do include dairy, grains, or other ingredients that shouldn’t be eaten if you are in the strict Clean Paleo elimination phase of your diet. After your Clean Paleo reset is complete, these recipes are perfect for reintroducing some of those restricted foods individually as part of a healthy, whole-foods diet. It’s about balancing and knowing what works for your body. Recipes sure to spark your interest and please your tummy include: Crispy Salmon Patty Burgers Salmon Nicoise Salad Wraps Ultimate Breakfast Sheet Pan Chicken Mole Lettuce Wraps Pumpkin Alfredo Poutine Truffled Polenta Rounds Best Cast Iron Ribeye Paleo Acai Bowls Beef Bolognese Shakshuka Pizza Apple Scones with Peach Butter Connect to your food in a more harmonious and supportive way for a healthier and more sustainable eating lifestyle.