Alkaline Paleo Recipes


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30 Alkaline-Paleo Friendly Recipes as well as Wellness Tips!Alkaline Paleo Mix for Weight Loss and High Energy Levels. Lose Weight and Gain Health with Alkaline Paleo RecipesWeight Loss Made Easy with the Paleo Diet and the Alkaline Diet! The Alkaline Diet and The Paleo Diet- Let’s Get Together! Are you looking for a long-term wellness and weight loss success? Would you like to improve your overall health, detox your body, have higher energy levels, stimulate your libido, and boost your mental capacity? Let us show you our Alkaline Paleo way! You will be able to prepare interesting, delicious and tasty meals that are real pleasure and take care of your body and mind at the same time! Additional Benefits of The Alkaline Paleo Diet Mix:-More energy and motivation for workouts -Getting rid of digestive issues -Getting rid of allergies -Feeling younger in your body -Better memory -Improved sex life -More zest for life! -And of course…Healthy and easy weight loss! Energize your body and mind today!Our book is the marriage of Paleo and Alkaline: the mix of two worlds for your long-term weight loss and health success! This is not just a recipe book. We want to teach you our healthy and unique alkaline paleo approach so that you never get off track again. After all, your health is the most important thing in the world! So nourish your body and your mind and let it work for you. Life is short and only with high energy levels one can live it to the fullest!