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Air Fryer Recipes, Paleo Diet, Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook, Anti Inflammatory Diet BUNDLE:
Air Fryer Recipes:By purchasing The Complete Air Fryer Recipes for Quick and Healthy Meals, you will soon be surprised how simple it really is to serve meals to your family that not only taste superb; they will improve your general health.
Leave all of the work to the Air Fryer. You can take the credit for the tasty dishes and no one has to know how you did it unless you want to share.
These are just a few of the tempting recipes you will soon know how to prepare:
Sausage Wraps
Roast Turkey Reuben
Meatloaf with Black Peppercorns
Chicken Kiev Supper
Lemon Fish
Stuffed Mushrooms with Sour Cream
Honey Roasted Carrot
Avocado Fries
Think of all of the activities that can happen during the summer while the kids are out of school. Think of the time you can save if you already have a plan of a quick and healthy meal or snack. You are much more likely to encourage healthier eating habits when you don’t have to spend hours cooking a meal. It is ready in no time!
Paleo Diet:It’s time to step into that time machine and land yourself back into the time of the cavemen!
We were created to eat items that we used to hunt and gather for, but the world has sure changed and certainly not for the better in regards to how we fuel our bodies.
The Paleo Diet will get your physical being back on track as you explore the main consumables that our cavemen and women friends used to devour. It’s time to stop filling your body with pointless, calorie-filled carbs and sugars and get back to the basics.
The recipes included in this cookbook are not only delicious, but very easy to whip up in the comfort of your own kitchen!
The recipes in this book include a wide array of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert recipes that will help you to please your Paleo palate, even when the situation is not ideal to stick to your diet choices. Even those that have yet to experience the benefits of the Paleo will appreciate the tasty qualities that these recipes have to offer!
Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook:You must see this to believe it! You will be surprised at the tasty treats that await you in the Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook: Top 31 Vegan Slow Cooker Recipes. your general health.
Not only will you have a step by step guide, but it will also be simple to understand.
This is a sneak peek at what is in store if you decide to own your copy:
Spiced Granola with Fruit and Nuts
Spinach and Artichoke Pasta
Italian Eggplant Casserole with Cashew-Tofu Ricotta
Slow-Cooked Coconut Raisin Rice Pudding
Cauliflower – Rice – Sushi Bowls with Tofu
Anti Inflammatory Diet:In this cookbook, you’ll find an easy 7-day meal plan with 3 easy to follow recipes, delicious recipes a day! In addition, there are 4 Fantastic recipes as a bonus!
Chronic inflammation is a common, unrecognized health issue. A byproduct of a diet full of processed foods, hydrogenated fats, and refined sugars, inflammation wreaks havoc on the body’s ability to maintain balance. Your immune system stays in high gear trying to heal that imbalance.
The result is you feel terrible! Chronic joint pain, abdominal pain, cramping, fatigue, depression and general overall malaise have all been attributed to chronic inflammation.
Your body is meant to maintain a delicate balance. When chronic inflammation is present in the body it keeps the body out of balance.