3 Months of Hard Core Cross Training and Paleo Nutrition


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3 MONTHS OF PALEO NUTRITION AND CROSS TRAINING is an excellent way to achieve the results you’ve been looking for.Combining 2 essential elements to achieve your maximum potential you will be thrilled with the results.With 90 days of custom Workouts of the day that will push you to the limits, burn unwanted fat, build muscle and accelerate your metabolism. Each workout is based on using your own body weight to achieve your maximum results. You don’t need any expensive or fancy equipment to successfully have the body you always dreamed of. From squats, burpees, Pull ups to abs, lunges and presses you will sculpted and fitter than ever before. Reward your body with the right nutrition with 90 days of Paleo meals with a breakdown of calories, protein, carbs, fat and fiber to fuel your body in the best way possible. The author Mariana Correa is a former professional athlete and certified Sports Nutritionist. She has traveled around the world acquiring years of experience you can enjoy in this book.