12 Paleo Myths


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Got the Paleo blues? Eating the perfect diet for your genetic blueprint, but mysteriously feeling worse? Think it’s because you’re not trying hard enough? Think all these problems are due to the one croissant you had 6 months ago? Think again!There are some serious flaws with the Paleo Diet. Sure, many people lose weight when they switch over to a boring diet of mostly meat and vegetables. Well, for the first few months before they start gaining it back that is. And many see health improvements – legitimate ones, as happens when the nutrition content of a diet goes up dramatically. Of course there are people who benefit from switching from a McDiet to something like Paleo!But many get ravaged by it, and there are clear, obvious, and very basic physiological reasons for it. Obvious signs that the Paleo Diet is inappropriate for you would be cold hands and feet, frequent urination, nighttime urination or night sweats, sleep problems – particularly waking up between 3-4 am, anxiety or panic attacks, muscle cramps, irritability, lack of energy, delayed stomach emptying, constipation, body odor, breath odor, dark circles under your eyes, appearance of allergies or autoimmune disease, loss of sex drive, sexual function, or menstruation, dry skin, poor exercise performance and recovery, migraines, blurred vision, and countless others.If you suffer from these issues and you’re on a Paleo Diet, you better make some adjustments! 12 Paleo Myths: Eat Better than a Caveman goes into great detail about the physiology behind how the Paleo Diet, particularly one that is heavy in meat and fat and low in carbohydrates, affects us as human beings. For some, those affects might be highly favorable. But for others it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire.The book also includes a discussion of some of the most basic tenets of Paleo that are illogical or scientifically wrong, such as the belief that carbohydrate consumption causes blood sugar or insulin levels to become too high, or the belief that we are genetically identical to our Paleolithic forebears.And of course, it includes valuable information on how to overcome and reverse some of the problems you may have incurred or ceased to improve with your adherence to this latest peculiar, sciencey-sounding fad.But that’s not all! The book also includes over 60 thick pages of stories of people who had miserable results trying to follow a Paleo diet – from insomnia and panic attacks to loss of menstruation and boner kill.All for just one easy payment of $13.99! SHAMWOW!